How to factory reset iPhone without iTunes

iTunes plays a major role when it comes to factory resetting an iPhone.

So in this post, you will get to do just what this article title talks about.

Once in a while, there may be a need to reset your smartphone, knowing how to go about it saves you a lot of headaches especially when you use an iPhone.

So, in this piece, we shall be discussing how to factory reset iPhone without iTunes categorically.

Let’s get into the details!

Factory reset iPhone without iTunes

Initially, resetting an iPhone was done by connecting to a computer running iTunes.

The challenge was that iTunes doesn’t run on every computer and Apple also discontinued the use of iTunes on some of its products in 2019.

Therefore, there is a need to seek a way to do the reset without stress.

Please note that a factory reset done on any device means that all the files on that device will be deleted, and the setting will be restored to its factory settings.

That is, the device will go back to the settings that it came with when it was newly purchased.

So, the ringtone, screensaver, alarm tone, etc will all get back to their default settings.

It is as simple as giving your iPhone a new start.

If this looks like what you want to do, then find the steps below:

To do a factory reset on your iPhone without iTunes, simply press the menu button and navigate to the settings of your iPhone.

Next is to navigate and tap on General.

From General, please select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Here, you will see different reset options.

Please be sure the iPhone is not connected to iTunes before you begin these processes.

The options available for the reset are; reset all settings, reset network settings, reset keyboard dictionary, reset home screen layout, and reset location & privacy.

These are the available options.

Just select the option that fits your quest.

Please note that you will need to input your password before you can be able to reset the device.

This is a check to avoid an unauthorized person from doing this.

Reset your iPhone on a Mac without iTunes

Also, you can reset your iPhone on a Mac without iTunes.

Interestingly Apple already discontinued the use of iTunes on Mac.

You can simply reset your iPhone with the use of Finder on the Mac without iTunes.

All you need to do is to get a USB cable, your iPhone, and the Mac.

Once you have these in place, we can begin the steps as explained below:

Begin the process by connecting your iPhone to your Mac with the aid of a USB cable.

Next is to open Finder and then select your iPhone from the sidebar.

A prompt will pop up requesting your passcode, please input your passcode and then tap Trust on your iPhone screen.

In the Finder menu, click on the General tab and click on Restore iPhone.

With these steps, all data on the iPhone will be wiped out, and you can then reinstall the software.

The option you go for here may be determined by the exact reason that necessitates you resetting the device.

So, you can use either of these two ways to reset your iPhone without iTunes.