How to download private YouTube videos

Can you actually download private YouTube videos?

Get in here to find out how to download private Youtube videos so you can get that favorite Youtube video of yours in your local drive.

The simple truth about downloading private Youtube videos is this.

The video was uploaded as a private video because the uploader intends to control the audience that can have access to it.

The uploader may have decided to upload the video only to the channel subscribers so to also have access to it, you will simply need to subscribe to the channel.

Though if you have access to the video, then it makes no difference from other Youtube videos that you’ve been watching.

Now let’s get straight to it.

How to download private Youtube videos

The only way that you can download private Youtube videos is if you were the user that uploaded the videos.

So if you are the uploader, you can download the videos by simply downloading any of the Youtube videos by clicking on the menu next to edit on your video manager.

The screenshot below will give you a clearer view of what I mean:

How to download Youtube private videos

From the screenshot above, you see that in the first video there is a private video but leaves you with the permission to download the MP4 format of the video.

If you don’t own the private Youtube video, I’m sorry; but you can’t download it.

You cannot even see the Youtube video in the first place.

Maybe you watched the Youtube video from your partner’s phone or something, then you can get it right there as you may not have the permission to view it from your device or any other device.

To be honest with you, there is no way you can download private Youtube videos.

That is why it is called a private video.

If there is an online tool out there promising you they will help you download a private Youtube video, then it’s probably they are just finding a way to have you visit their site.

My tip to get private Youtube videos

Dear friend, I have to be very honest with you.

Youtube does not joke with the privacy of its users so they will not let you have access to a private video by any means.

Until the owner of the video marks it as a public video, you won’t be able to access it.

Here are my words…

With this said, you do not need to be told that you can’t have access to private videos on Youtube without permission.

What you need to do in this case is to reach out to the video owner through whichever medium and request that he or she should send you the video.

You can reach out via email.

You can also reach out to other people that you think may have these private videos in their local drive.

If your reach-out campaign is successful and got a positive response, then you can also have these private videos in your possession.

That is my own 1 cent of helping you download private Youtube videos and hope it solves your search query.

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