How much do real estate agents make in USA?

After reading through this article, you will get to know the exact amount real estate agents make in the United States.

Real estate is a giant industry in many parts of the world, the USA inclusive.

The industry is putting foods on the tables of many in different ways.

There are developers, investors, estate agents, etc and everyone is able to make ends meet as they bring in value into the industry.

If you are considering establishing yourself as an estate agent in the United States and you are wondering if it will ever be lucrative for you, we have you in mind in this piece.

Take your time to read about this great profession.

How much real estate agents make in USA

First, you need to understand who estate agents are and what they do?

Estate agents are people whose job is to connect landlords with tenants and vice versa.

They facilitate the rent, use, purchase, or lease of properties.

As they facilitate these processes, they are compensated with a percentage of the total money involved in the transaction.

So they acquire properties from the seller and then look for buyers to showcase them to.

The contract between them and the owner of the property is usually on a no pay, no fee basis.

It may be difficult to give an accurate income of a real estate agent in the United States, this is because his pay is tied to the number of properties and the kind of properties he manages.

Some real estate agents have luxurious properties while some other ones have regular properties.

If they are to make the same percentage commission from the sales of these respective properties, the income will never be the same.

That is also true of how many properties they facilitate the sales or rent.

This is why it is difficult to give an exact income.

This silently means that real estate agents have a great earning possibility if well harnessed.

To earn much, you only need to get quality properties to manage per time and make sure you have enough of them through good networking skills.

But for the sake of giving you a figure to work with here are some facts.

According to, the average yearly income of estate agents in the United States is estimated at $41,289 as of 2019.

In 2020, another researcher put the estimate at $49,040.

Note that this is for an average real estate agent.

In 2023, the game is a bit different and more rewarding.

An average income for real estate agents makes $6,908 in a month.

If you do the math for a year, you will discover that it is very lucrative.

Based on inputs on Glassdoor, the income per year is estimated to be $67,962 as against the $82,896 if you follow the earlier stated earning per month.

I am sure you are already seeing how lucrative this profession is from these figures.

Now that you know how much you are likely to earn as a real estate agent in the United States, it is important to note that how much you make depends on well you are willing to work and the kind of properties you working with.

So, as you go into the industry, make up your mind to go for the gold and make yourself proud.