How many gods are there on earth? Find out here

How many gods are there on earth?

The question about how many gods are there on earth comes with a lot of views.

The answer you get depends on the view to which you understand the question.

This is why there are several answers to these questions.

Such a question like this may not come with just one answer because of views to the question.

Let’s examine a few of the answers and why they are logical answers.

Firstly, if you are looking at the word “god” in terms of what is being worshipped by people.

Then there are many gods on earth.

It is generally believed that we have between 9000 and 12000 gods on earth.

These gods are tied to different religions on earth.

This is based on history and present-day knowledge of the art of worship all over the world.

In my opinion, the number of gods on earth is countless because there are religions that are not known by lots of people in different corners of the world.

Those are not accounted for in the count.

For instance, in Ile Ife, Nigeria where sacrifices are done throughout the year on a daily basis except one day, each day is for different gods and yet no one has been able to itemize each of these gods.

Only the popular ones are known by people.

Another answer to the question can be coined from the Bible.

To be specific, Psalm 82 says we are gods and Jesus also came to reiterate the same thing in John 10:34 that if we are called gods, then it is not out of place and scripture is not broken.

Here “god” as used means the ability to make your own decisions.

So, with these, there are gods as much as there are people on earth.

Everyone who is able to make decisions themselves is a god.

Even this view is being contested by a few people who attribute some metaphysical power to gods.

And since they don’t have metaphysical powers, they declined being called a god.

But if you ask me, not everything people worship has supernatural powers.

So, you see it is difficult to give a number as the number of gods on earth.

This is also in accordance with the explanation of the Bible that God created us all in his image and since we are in his image, that makes us all gods.

Understand that God and god are not the same.

The one with the capital letter “G” is used to indicate the creator of heaven and earth while the other is used to refer to smaller gods.

Also, it may be difficult to give an exact number of gods on earth because from time to time people are always discovering their own gods.

Some are also coming up with an idea of their own god which may be different from the general perspective and as long as it is working for them, you can’t say whatever they call their god is not a god.

So how many gods are there on earth?

If you read up to this point, you must have had a better understanding of how many gods are there.