How many gods are currently worshipped on earth?

How many gods are worshipped on earth?

That’s a big question but you will get to find the answer to that question right here.

It is no longer news that everyone on earth has a yearning for a relationship with something that is bigger than them.

There is a call from within to interact with a reality beyond the known physical world.

This is what is being interpreted as serving god or God.

Surprised to see god or God?

Well, that wasn’t a mistake and it is deliberate to distinguish between a man-made god and the almighty God.

How many gods are currently worshipped on earth?

Here is a straightforward answer.

There are many gods on earth but there is only one true God.

There are gods as far as you can travel and meet people.

An estimate of 12000 gods exist.

Well, this estimate is made based on available data.

But there are places where no one is taking their data, some of which even have more gods to showcase.

Some of those places do not have their data captured and this will definitely affect the total estimate.

One of the questions to ask is how 7.9 billion people on the globe serve 12000 gods?

This number of goods is just too small for the kind of people living on earth.

These people will ask questions and a lot of people will seek or create another god for themselves.

How do we get the number of those who keep discovering personal gods to serve?

The question of how many gods are currently worshipped on earth is a difficult one to answer.

The reason it is difficult is simple, different people will give different answers based on their orientation and assumption.

For instance, Anthropologists identified that there are 18000 gods.

Well, as huge as this may sound compared to the number of people in the world.

It is worthy of note that there are people who do not believe in making their worship publicly.

For such you will not be able to capture them in your data and as far as those are missing, whatever that is declared as the number of gods people worship on earth will not be accurate.

This is an important reason why it is difficult to give an exact number of the gods being worshipped on earth.

In Christianity, there are three in one.

This is well known as the trinity.

For Islam, one God is recorded while other religion.

In Hinduism, there are about up to 330 million.

If you can get more religion and the gods sacrificed in those religions.

If you cannot find these numbers with the gods they serve, it is absolutely impossible to give the number of gods being worshiped even the total number of religions.

Also, if you are not part of a religion you will not understand how the gods in such a religion are numbered.

For instance, in Christianity, the concept of trinity must be explained to many people.

If you are not a Christian, you will not know that there is one God, You will be thinking there are three gods instead.

So, understanding such a concept as this can help to achieve the exact number of gods on earth.