How are and is still in business?

If you use an email address in the United States, these two brands will not be new to you.

It is either you are one of their customers or you have people that use their service.

In this piece, we shall be taking a look at and

We shall look at how they are still in business.


Who are and

Let’s begin! is a reputable messaging platform hosted by

They offer personal email account creation with features of business email type.

Interestingly, it is at a low cost.

That is who they are and what they do. is also an email service provider, and you just read now that hosts

Several people in the United States use for their personal emails.

When you are thinking about why and are still in business, it is not far-fetched.

First is that offers a number of other services that keep them in the market.

These services may include not limited to hosted non-exchange, hosted Exchange, and business solutions.

With these services, they have something to offer and sell to the market which still keeps them relevant.

You will agree with me that these services are relevant and needed.

There are a number of reasons why is still in business.

One major reason is still in business is that it is powered by

Of course, will not want it to go down.

They will do everything possible to keep it in business.

After all, it is still bringing in some profits in one way or the other and it is helping to strengthen the brand.

If your business creates a unit under it, I am sure you won’t want the unit to go down.

Also, has some great services that come with its service which is one reason people will keep using it.

As long as people use it, it won’t go down, they will remain in business.

The security and safety measures included in the email service are one of the reasons people are glued to using their service.

Everyone loves where they can get extra especially when the extras mean a lot.

This is another reason they are still in business.

Furthermore, they are still in business because they support different languages other than the English language.

This means they have opened the door for many other people who do not speak the English language to be able to use their service.

This is also accompanied by great customer service that is made accessible without stress.

These two features are enough to keep any business afloat and flourishing.

Apart from these features discussed above, it is worthy of note that has a great user-friendly interface.

This means that people can easily move from one point to do the other to do things in the interface without running into trouble or disrupting things.

This is often one of the most important criteria that people consider when they want to choose such a service.