Fast food restaurants that sell Potato Fries


Fast food restaurants that sell Potato Fries

If you are thinking of trying out another menu in a fast food, Potato fries may be an excellent choice to try out.

And if you have heard about it before now and you are thinking about where to get the experience, that’s what this post is about to offer you.

Let’s get to know the fast food restaurants that sell potato fries so the next time you want to have a taste of it.

It is pertinent to let you know that potato fries are different from the common french fries.

If you know sweet potato, now imagine it being fried with style and added to other delicacies.

That is for those who do know it before now.

What makes this list particularly great is the way these restaurants make their potato fries which is why we will like you to have a bite with them.

I am sure it will change your fast food experience.

Before we list the fast-food restaurants where you can get the sweet potato fries, it is not out of place for you to know what it is in it for you.

For a medium-sized order of sweet potato fries, it will contain about 150 calories.

That will be 10 grams of fat, which includes 0.5 grams of saturated fat.

So One serving of the Potato fries contains 3 grams of dietary fiber, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 5 milligrams of sodium, and a gram of protein.

— Outback Steakhouse

This fast food restaurant is regarded as the best place when it comes to potato fries.

Their flavor is unique.

They are recommended by all especially if you have not tried potato fries before.

They will make you love it.

— Chick-fil-A

Although this fast food restaurant is well known and appreciated for its chicken sandwiches.

It also offers other great menus such as potato fries.

Their potato fries will make you call for more.

— Burger King

Burger King is another fast food restaurant with uniqueness.

The sweet potato fries of Burger King is exceptionally different and it is worth trying out.

You can also get a dipping sauce which makes it more tantalizing.

— Sonic Drive-in

One great thing about Sonic Drive-in is that their potato fries is that you can get the sauce for as low as 50 cent.

And you can even get price reductions during happy hour.

So, just drive in and enjoy this delicacy.

— Chickie’s & Pete’s

Chickie’s & Pete’s is best known for their quality cheesesteaks.

The interesting thing is that they also serve quality sweet potato fries.

It makes a lot of sense to try it out.

— Five Guys

This is another fast food restaurant with great sweet potato fries.

The only thing is that it is not on the menu but you can get it on request.

It doesn’t really take long for them to prepare it.

They will give you great taste.

There are many fast-food restaurants where you can get the sweet potato fries, these are just a few you can try out to enjoy real satisfaction.

You can also share some of the fast food restaurants that sell potato fries that you have tasted before.