Error 97 SMS origination denied — Permanent FIX

Error 97 SMS origination denied

If you get the error message “Error 97 SMS origination denied” each time you try to send a text, here is where you will get a permanent solution to the problem.

A lot of people are having this same issue, that is why I have decided to write about it today.

In fact, a friend shared an ordeal how he was trying to text his wife and all he got was an error message that reads “Error 97 SMS origination denied” and the message did not get to its destination either.

They could call each other because neither of them has any text/call blocking turned on.

A lot of suggestions have been made in the quest to solve this problem and restarting the mobile phone is one of the common recommendations.

But restarting the phone does not solve this problem in most cases.

So let’s get straight into it.

But before we get to the solution, let’s first of all check what caused this.

Corrupted cache and data can trigger this error

In cases where the messaging app data is corrupted, this error may be triggered as it can interrupt the system process, therefore, preventing the message from going to its destination.

Now that you know the basics of this problem, let’s head straight to professing the solution so you get your’s fixed as soon as possible.

Error 97 SMS origination denied

You need to clear the data from the messaging app should incase it got corrupted and prevented the message from going through.

So head over to your message app in the settings of your phone and clear the cache.

Try using a different messaging app to send the message and see if it goes through.

A friend who once had this issue said he was using the Google Android messages app to send a text but was unsuccessful but when he switched to Verizon messages the message delivered successfully.

Remember, just wiping your messaging app data can get this error fixed without further trials.

If you’ve ever gotten this error message: “Error 97 SMS origination denied” and got it resolved, please be kind enough to share how you went about the process.

You could be of great help to someone.

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