Differences between touch.Facebook.com and m.Facebook.com

What are the differences between touch.Facebook.com and m.Facebook.com?

Read on to find out the differences.

If you are a Facebook user and you are wondering what touch.Facebook.com and m.Facebook.com are and if there is any difference between the two.

Well, you are on the right page and we will be exploring that in this piece.

Simply, m.facebook.com is the mobile adaption of the Facebook website or platform.

When you visit Facebook on your phone or any other mobile device, it will automatically take you to m.facebook.com.

This means the moment you type www.facebook.com on the web browser of your phone or you follow the link of a Facebook address on your mobile web browser, it will land you on m.facebook.com.

Please note that this will not give a lesser quality/features of the Facebook platform.

It is only showing a mobile representation of the platform so that you can easily navigate through and have a good experience.

Imagine you using the desktop view of the website on your phone, it means that it will not adapt to fit your screen.

You have to be zooming in and out to see things.

That will be clumsy and frustrating and I bet you will not like it.

On the other hand, touch.facebook.com is another version of Facebook designed by H5 apps.

It is the Facebook platform adapted for touchscreen devices.

This comes with we’ll advanced features to enable the user to have a great experience.

This Facebook version is not just regular facebook used on our touch screen android phones, it offers more.

That is not to say touch.facebook.com cannot be used on Android devices, it can be used on it but you need to download it and get it installed.

You will also need to familiarize yourself with the interface to be able to understand how it works and what to expect.

Well, it’s nothing technical, we will just like you to know your way around it.

One of the good things about touch.facebook.com is that it offers a full view version of Facebook.

This is one thing that is missing in m.facebook.com because as it is adapted to fit into the mobile phone visibility and functionality, some things are taken off.

This is what explains why the Facebook on phone is different from the one on the desktop.

But touch.facebook.com offers you all.

One of the features you will enjoy on the touch version is the way the feed shows. On the touch version of Facebook, it will show both recent and news feeds just like the way it shows on the desktop version.

This is not available in the mobile version.

Also, the mobile version is kind of boring even in the look but the touch version will give you the top feeling of using Facebook.

It is the real deal.

m.facebook.com is made in versions to fit the operating systems of the different available mobile devices.

The touch version is a bit different, it is made for smartphones without a particular operating system specification.

This means, as long as it is a smartphone and you download the touch version, you will enjoy the sophisticated features it offers.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of touch.Facebook.com and m.Facebook.com.

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