Can you take Dayquil at night?

For us to answer the question, “Can you take Dayquil at night?”

We need to first understand what Dayquil is and probably a little information about it.

With this, we will be able to judge accordingly.

So, let’s get right in.

Dayquil is a medication designed to combat flu symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, fever, congestion, cold, and aches.

It is a nondrowsy medical drug for common cold and flu symptoms.

Although some have reported drowsiness as part of the aftermath.

Just as the name sounds, it is actually produced for intake during the day.

It does have its night counterpart made for night intake.

Dayquil is made up of three components which are Phenylephrine (decongestant), Dextromethorphan (cough suppressant), and Acetaminophen (analgesic).

Each of the three has its impact, all of which make Dayquil function the way it does.

As stated above, Dayquil is meant to be taken during the day while Nyquil is made for night use.

So the question is whether Dayquil can be used at night. Well, a straightforward answer is a no. Even from its name, it is not meant for night use. Drugs have to be used within the confines of the manufacturer’s prescription. This is very important! Anything outside of that may cause issues that could have been avoided if the instruction is adhered to.

There is another reason people ask if they can take it in the night.

This is probably because of the daily allowed dosage.

Normally you are only allowed to use the drug at intervals of 4 hours and daily intake cannot be more than three times.

So, people who may not start the dose early may find the time of the last intake close to evening or night.

But it is important to stress the fact that it is not mandatory to take three doses of the in a day.

This is because if the third dose falls into the nighttime, then it is advisable you take the Nyquil instead of the Dayquil.

The best way to go about this is still to take it with the counsel of your medical personnel.

This will be in accordance with your health and best practices.

Since you are not supposed to take Dayquil at night.

It is important to point out that Nyquil is what you are expected to take at night.

Also, an important fact you should keep in mind is that the standard time to take Nyquil at night should be 6 hours after you took the last Dayquil.

This means that if the last time you took Dayquil is 4 pm, then you are expected to take Nyquil by 10 pm.

With this, I do hope the answer to the question has been provided.

If you need further clarification other than what we have discussed especially if it has to do with your personal experience.

It is best you discuss this with your Doctor.

Meanwhile, use your drugs just as the prescription says.

And be sure that you work with your doctor if any other symptoms surface.