Month: March 2022

Why Gucci logo and Chanel logo look similar

Logos are signatures of any organization or company. Logos give the brand and make them unique. Usually, logos are not the same but there are a few logos that are similar. Those similar logos often look similar in terms of shape and design. In this piece, we shall be looking at the why Gucci logo […]

What does ft mean in text?

The short form ft is one of the common writings you will find around. Like many other short forms of writing, it has meaning. If you have seen ft in texts and you are wondering what it means, that’s exactly what this piece is all about. So, we will be looking at ft being an […]

What do angels really look like? [EXPLAINED]

The discussion on angels has always brought some form of interest even by the less religious individuals in the society. It appears everyone wants to have an idea of who they are, what they look like, and possibly how to interact with them. So, in this piece, we will be addressing what angels really look […]

Top Browsers For Cross Browser Testing In 2022

We might have commonly observed that some of the applications or websites we visit display perfectly fine on some browsers and in some it does not. In such scenarios, we just think that the application or website is broken and we end up using that particular application or website. This rendering clarifies the compatibility of […]

Seiki TV keeps turning off — Try this

If your Seiki TV keeps turning off within seconds or minutes, you might want to know what causes the TV to turn off automatically and possibly fix the problem. If that is you, then this post is for you. After reading through this post, you will know why your Seiki TV keeps turning off and […]