Month: December 2021

Kegura — is it a safe online store or scam?

The last I talked about Kegura was about its return policy. Today, we’ll find out whether Kegura is a safe online store or scam. Kegura is an online store where people can order and purchase pieces of jewelry and clothes. So, if you are a jewelry fan it might be a place to check out […]

Catch you on the flip side meaning

When you hear phrases these days, you are tempted to think they are of English Language origin. Some may even look like some sort of idiomatic expression. You may not really understand them until you have researched their meaning and sometimes how they come about. There are tonnes of such statements in our everyday discussions. […]

Why doesn’t Voldemort have a nose? [See here]

This has been a question everyone is attempting to provide an answer to. Why doesn’t Voldemort have a nose? In a bid to provide an answer to this, there are several speculations and thoughts on what may have caused or the reason Voldemort doesn’t have a nose. Let’s examine this in a closer view. It […]

Who Savitar is and his powers

Savitar is a dark lord and the leader and founder of a criminal cult known as the Thunderbolt agents. His real name is Barry Allen and he is often referred to as God of motion or the speed God. Being the first to have connected to speed force made him have some exceptional speed abilities. […]

Is RBXDemon a legit site for free Robux?

When people hear free Robux, their ears simply cling to it and they just want to get every detail to get it delivered. Well, there are tonnes of websites out there claiming to offer free Robux,RBXDemon is one of them. The question is – Is it a legit site to get free Robux? Let’s attempt […]

Polish vs Swedish the difference between them

Ever wondered about the Polish and Swedish? What could be the difference between them? Well, they are cool people in their respective way of living and thinking. If you have ever interacted with the two sets of people, you would have found some similarities and differences between them. This piece is about the difference between […]

Typical German facial features

Once you know the typical German facial features, you can identify them from any part of the world. As you go around the world, you would meet different people of all ages, colors, sizes, etc. One of the things people desire is to know as much as possible everything about people they meet at first […]

Mexico Craigslist for Mexicans

If you are a Mexican and searching for Mexican craigslist, I will share a handful of Mexico craigslist for Mexicans right here. To understand the above-stated topic, it is best to understand what craigslist means first. After then we can pick up every other detail. A craigslist is an online platform that lists out information […]

What happens when a brother gets sister pregnant

What really happens when a brother gets his sister pregnant? You will get to find that out in this post. When people hear about a brother impregnating his sister, it often causes a lot of reactions. These reactions are based on different reasons. The situation has general beliefs as well as some territorial beliefs. Let’s […]

What UPS red label means on packages

UPS is the acronym for United Parcel Service and it is a well-known American courier company with customers all over the world. They are into shipping and receiving packages sent by their clients to different locations. They offer both local and international courier services. Like any other company, there are communications that help to sort […]