Month: October 2021

Is drowning a painful way to die?

I’m not sure why you want to find out if drowning is a painful way to die. But for whatever reason, I will share with you here how painful it is to die by drowning. But what exactly does it mean to drown? Drowning occurs when the body is fully submerged in the water, resulting […]

How to see someone’s private Instagram

What if trending content is on Instagram and when you wanted to look it up and boom! You found out that it is a private Instagram profile. Disappointed, right? Not to worry, you learn how to see someone’s private Instagram right here. There are plenty of jists, information, news, updates as well as gossip on […]

Shocking reasons why girls don’t like bigger guys

It is quite shocking why girls don’t like bigger guys. But you will get to find out exactly why after reading through this page. Over the years, girls have always preferred a big guy over a small guy. This is born out of their fantasies about their relationship where they wish they have a big […]

Difference between family friend & normal friend

Is there really a difference between a family friend and a normal friend? Find out here. The world revolves around relationships and one of such that is very vital is friendship. A world without friends is unimaginable. As close as friends may be or seem, not all are close. Hence the difference in friends. Friends […]

Effects of edging in human system

Do you know the harmful effects of edging? You will learn a lot about edging in this post. I guess that is what you want. Read through to learn about the effects of edging in the human system. Edging may not be a well-known art except you have been advised to do it or if […]

Average height for 13-year old female

Really, what is the average height for 13-year old female? You will get to find that out right here and learn more than an average of a 13-year old. At age 13 many things are going through changes in the life of both male and female children. It is most likely that they are in […]

Difference between dab me up and dap me up

The phrase “dap me up” is commonly used conventionally in friendly greetings, these range from handshakes, fist-bumps, pound-hugs chest bumps, etc. But you must also have heard someone using the phrase “dab me up” mostly on social media, it is not uncommon to see people using the phrase in common social media chats and activities. […]

Top 10 things to know about Persian women

How well do you understand and know Persian women? Whenever the word “Persia” comes up, lots of people are too quick to think about history. Looks like someone wants to visit history. Though Persia may not be in existence by nomenclature the regions covered by then Persia exist toll to date. The known old Persia […]