Month: September 2020

Comcast cable box says hunt

Cable box says HUNT is Non-X1 TV box error. If you are experiencing this error with your Comcast TV box, get in here to find out what it means as well as the solution to the problem. Being able to interpret the error code will help you profess solutions easily. So this is strictly for […]

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Do you know what “play stupid games win stupid prizes” means? In this post, I will share with you what it means and some textual and video examples to help you better understand what that sarcastic phrase means. Play stupid games win stupid prizes is a sarcastic phrase people often use when a bad thing […]

110813 in Minecraft — Here is What it means

If you are new to Minecraft, you might get confused at the random quotes that come up on the splash screen which 110813 is one of them. So what does it mean? You will know what it means exactly after reading this post so the next time you see it you will not be confused. […]

Scloudstarter app on galaxy s3

This post promises to share with you what the scloudstarter app does in your device. If you are new to the app, seeing it around without knowing what exactly it does might be very disturbing. In the quest to know what this is about, some users have been asking some precise questions such as “what […]

How to check Hulu viewing history

Hulu viewing history helps you take a look at what you have watched in the past. Sometimes, you might have watched a video without liking it and wish to go back and watch it then like it. Liking videos will help Hulu suggest more videos that are relevant to the videos you’ve liked previously. What […]