Month: April 2020

Hold rel mem cr on chase account checks

Hold rel mem cr is one of the most confusing statement reports that you may have ever had. You are not alone on this, there are numerous people who are equally confused about hold rel mem cr on their statement and want to know what it means. So if you don’t know what hold rel […]

Violation entered has been flagged as deleted

If you tried to pay your parking ticket and got the error message that “violation entered has been flagged as deleted” Get in here to find out what you can do on your part. So really what does this mean? I could remember when I wanted to pay my parking ticket via the NYC department […]

Your clock is behind error on Chrome

If your clock is behind, you will have issues visiting some websites. Some websites are built to work with the correct time so if for any reason you have your clock behind, you may have some difficulties in accessing sites built with such functionalities. Apart from the error message when trying to visit some sites, […]

How to calculate proficiency bonus 5e

This post promises to walk through all the steps in calculating proficiency bonus in D&D 5e. So if that is what you have been searching for all this while, then stay glued as you are about learning that right here. While reading the 5e rules, you will keep seeing how to add proficiency bonus and […]

FM deposit hold-see SM — Here is what it means

Do you know the meaning of “FM deposit hold-see SM” in your account statement? If you have the FM deposit hold-see SM in your account statement, here is the page for you. This post promises to explain everything about fm deposit hold-see SM to you. What it means, how long it takes to clear, and […]

V5 inc ret ps on TD bank statement

So what does v5 inc ret ps mean? You might have seen this in your TD bank statement and want to know what it means. That is why I’m writing this post specifically for you. So if this and other related questions have been bothering you, get in here to find out what exactly v5 […]