Chrome flags reset — How to reset Google Chrome flags settings

If you messed up in your Chrome flags settings, Chrome flags reset will help you get the flags settings back to its default state.

Even before you make any change to your Google Chrome flags settings, you were warned that the features are for experimental purposes.

I don’t know why you ignored the warning to mess up your Chrome browser when you actually did not know what to experiment with.

It is advisable that you stay off this browser setting section if you are not sure of what you are doing.

I published an article about some Chrome settings you may consider changing, but I also had to share this, should in case you messed up in the flags settings page, you can easily reset all to default.

After reading through this post and following the instructions in it, you will have the settings as if you just installed the Chrome browser.

When I searched for this term, “Chrome flags reset” I really couldn’t find specific content to that search string to solve the problem, instead, I found how to reset Chrome settings to default.

Chrome flags settings and the normal settings you get when you click on the 3 vertical dotted lines at the top right corner of the browser are not the same.

So don’t get it twisted!

This post is specifically about resetting Chrome flags settings to default.

So I believe that is the information that you were searching for, that is why you were served this page.


So let’s get started.

It’s going to be very brief and concise.

How to reset Google Chrome flags settings

    • Open your Chrome browser
    • In the address/URL bar, type in “chrome://flags/” without the quotation sign
    • On getting to the page, you will see a reset button, just at the top of the page
    • Tap on the button and you will be done with the reset
    • Relaunch the browser for the change reset to take effectchrome flags reset

It’s that simple!

Now you should have all the flags settings returned to the options they came with when you newly installed the browser.

I hope this brief piece of article helps you reset your Google Chrome flags settings.

Hopefully, these tips work on both desktop (Windows) and mobile phones, so if you’ve been searching for Chrome flags reset for Android, apply the tips above and it will work for your Android too.