Bixby button not working? Here is how to get it working again

Bixby button not working

Is your Bixby button not working anymore?

If yes, not to worry; you will get it working again after digesting the information on this page.

This post promises to solve the problem and get your Bixby button working again.

If your Bixby has stopped working completely, there will be no button or voice response and you will be left with only little dots on the Bixby section.

You may have your cog icon and Bixby world icon missing.

Whether the button was working before now or has never worked, here is where to get a permanent solution to this problem.

Bixby is one of the fun features in Samsung Galaxy S10 and other series with the feature, I must say this.

If you spend most of your time alone with your smartphone and get bored along the line, with your Samsung Bixby; you will never have a dull moment.

So imagine your companion and playmate no more available.

This is worse than watching your lovely pet die.

When things are wrong you will have the Bixby not responding to voice or button.

Not to worry!

This post will help you get your Bixby button working again.

How fix Bixby button not working problem

If you shared this problem with a friend or a fellow Samsung user, you may have been suggested to wipe data and cache of all Bixby apps.

The fix that worked for others might not work for you, that is why I will be sharing all the possible fixes here.

So if solution A does not work for you, then others will do.

Definitely one will work for you.

Solution 1

Swipe to the Bixby page and tap the 3 dots at the to right of the page.

You will find the settings list on the Bixby home then you will be able to delete data and clear cache.

Once this is done, you should have the blue Bixby screen coming up.

When it is completely wiped, you will have to start all over but this will help your Bixby working again.

Solution 2

Another quick solution to this problem is to simply remove your Samsung account from the phone and log it in again.

By simply removing and logging in to your Samsung account will simply Bring back your Bixby in a fully functional state.

One of these solutions will help you fix the Bixby button not working issue.

Which other method do you use to fix the Bixby button not working issue?

Be kind enough to share it.