Best wizard spells 5e at each spell level

Here you will get to know the best wizard spells 5e at each spell level.

The strength of the wizards is tied to their spell, how much knowledge they have about it, and how the spells are effectively used.

Though they have tons of the spells and each level is filled with great spells that enable them to do exploit.

Choosing the best wizard spells is not easy to do.

It will have to be subjective sort of.

While I make my list of best wizard spells across the levels, I will like to see you make a list too.

Then share it in the comment afterward.

Best wizard spells 5e at each spell level

For the first level, I will choose shield and magic missile.

The former is a great defense you will need along the line to wade off attacks while the latter is a good attack that can be shot multiple times with a high precision rate.

On the second level, I will select Scorching Ray and Invisibility.

The former though not so strong but can be used to fight multiple targets without any components while the latter is good to disappear for a while.

For the third level, Counterspell and Fireball are two great spells for me.

I know this level has lots of great spells but these two make my list here.

The former is to render the spell of the opponent useless while the latter is to terrorize the opponent.

Isn’t that a great combo?

On level four, it is impossible not to take Polymorph and Wall of Fire.

The former is of great importance that you can use on yourself or on a team member to get more strength while the latter is a wall of fire of 20 ft wide with 20 ft high.

That is a whole to work with.

Level five comes with some spells that are a bit difficult to choose from just like in level 4.

I will choose the wall of light and a wall of force.

The former is for the blindness effect on enemies while the other is to shield away arrows, other creatures, ghosts, etc.

Here comes level six choice and they are truly seeing and Globe of Invulnerability.

The former lets you see every deceit, deception, and invisibility while the latter empowers you such that your enemies cannot launch Counterspell against you.

For level seven, my choice is Finger of Death and Magnificent Mansion.

With the former, you can kill opponents with a touch and bring them back as your zombie while the latter gives you the luxury of rest amidst security so that you can strategize.

On level eight, here I will go for Incendiary Cloud and Sunburst.

With these two, you can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

The former offers great fire to fight while the latter is great for the blindness and the efffect of the blindness on the enemy.

On level nine, I will make do with foresight and wish.

These two are key for me.

With foresight, you have an advantage over enemies while you can make use of the wish for your desired result.

Even with the conditions with the wish, you can still influence your outcome.

While this list may not be a perfect list based on your thought, I will like you to see that choosing from the list of available spells at each level is almost an herculean task.

They all are wonderful.

It will be a nice idea to see your list too.

Let’s go!