Why Amazon account could be on hold

If you hold an Amazon account but are unable to access it because it was placed on hold and you are wondering why you are having such an experience.

If you are trying to understand the reasons why your account may be placed on hold or suspended, here is a piece to help you get informed and a possible fix to get back into your Amazon account.

Why Amazon account could be on hold

The most common reason that makes Amazon put accounts on hold is usually because of fake identities.

If Amazon perceives you register with fake details, that account will be suspended and rendered useless.

Amazon would verify your registered details to be sure they are dealing with a real person and not scammers.

So, registered details like name, billing address, shipping address, etc will be verified for their authenticity.

If they discover they are lies, the account will be placed on hold temporarily until they verify the information that they want.

Another reason your Amazon account may be placed on hold or suspended is if it is a new account with a high amount of new orders.

That’s suspicious!

If your new account is having up to thirty orders daily, that is a red alert for the system.

This is an anti-fraud system working which may identify your account as potential fraud.

So, to avoid this; limit your daily orders in the first few weeks of registration.

Also, an Amazon account may be placed on hold or suspended if the platform detects that you are accessing the platform from different IP addresses with different locations within a short period of time.

It most likely means that your account has been hacked especially if orders are placed in locations outside your regular locations recorded by the system.

So, this procedure is actually to help the customer and not to get at the customer.

Furthermore, an Amazon account may be placed on hold if unusual gift card transactions are discovered.

For Amazon, that is already a gift card.

So, if your account has been suspended before now, this may be the reason.

It is pertinent to warn you if you own a new Amazon Prime account to desist from purchasing gift cards until you have done transactions overtime on the platform.

This is just a preventive measure for Amazon prime account holders.

Lastly, another reason you may get your Amazon account suspended or held temporarily is your return rate.

If your returns rate is high, your account may be suspended.

Remember that those returns are costly for Amazon because they need to pay for the shipping.

While it is free for you, it takes some money from them.

So, suspending such accounts is a business sense after all that account may not be profiting in the first place.

Therefore, limit your bounce orders.

Outside the above-discussed reasons for Amazon account suspension, there could be other reasons that may not be general.

It may be account specific.

If you notice that your account has been placed on hold and you think none of the above-explained reasons may be the reason, you may simply reach out to the customer service for the reasons, and how can get back your account.